HappyToad Enterprises 

Sharon, PA 16146

 ( Wood Roses ) Michael Rhodes 724-734-3536

( Properties ) Bill Stevenson 724-734-6218

Both are EST location 


Email us right from here

We are excited to say
 if you are in need of Wood Roses for a gift, Weddings, Hospital, Retirement Home, Dances, High School Drama department or you just need more HappyToad's Wood Roses.
we have started to Mail our Roses to our many HappyToad Friends!
of course you may always...
contact us and we can arrange a time to meet at my house in Sharon, PA (as long as we are not on the road of course)
*We do not act as wholesale suppliers of Wood Roses
*We will not give out the contact information
of our supplier
Thanks for your understanding

HappyToad's Wood Roses Facebook Page

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HappyToad's Wood Roses Facebook Page

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