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Pretty Little Things Boutique 

Della Wise (724) 406-2623

Both are EST location 


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We are excited to say
 if you are in need of Wood Roses for a gift, Weddings, Hospital, Retirement Home, Dances, High School Drama department or you just need more HappyToad's Wood Roses.
HappyToad's Wood Roses are now available at 
Pretty Little Things Boutique - Grove City, PA
the HappyToad home office- Sharon, PA
as well as at the many shows we will be at!
contact us and we can arrange a time to meet at our home office in Sharon, PA
(as long as we are not on the road of course)
*We do not act as wholesale suppliers of Wood Roses
*We will not give out the contact information
of our supplier
Thanks for your understanding
Thank you for your interest in HappyToad's Wood Roses!

HappyToad's Wood Roses Facebook Page

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HappyToad's Wood Roses Facebook Page

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